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About DC

What is DC?

DC is a peer support group run by local leader and advocate DivergentBell in the bayside area of Melbourne. It aims to combat social isolation and loneliness by creating friendships and networks for neurodiverse people through supported activities. 

How was DC started?

DC was started by Bell through the "Inclusive Bayside Partnerships" grant she recived from Bayside City Council during her internship at the Disability Resources Centre where she recived 1 on 1 mentoring to build the foundations of DC. 

Why was DC created?

DC was created to  fulfil a grim gap of disability (including neurodiversity) support within the bayside communities.


When Bell was diagnosed in 2020 she was looking for local support program to join that could help her understand her new diagnoses, rebuild her self confidence, create friendships, practice and build her social skills in a safe and supported environment but she found nothing in Bayside. After travelling to the outer east to continuously participate in "The Misfit Project" programs, Bell had found that support and more...

This inspired her to use her new skills in leadership and advocacy to create her own group called 'Divergent Connections" to provide that same safe, fun and understanding enviroment to her local bayside communities.

Divergent Connections Goals & Values


We envision a world where people with a  disability and or who are neurodivergent are fully supported and included in their communities locally, statewide and nationally.


Our mission is to create an inclusive, diverse, and supportive community for neurodivergents and/or people with disabilities


We aim to combat social isolation and loneliness by creating friendships and networks for neurodiverse people.


  • Communication: We use open, inclusive, and diverse forms of communication to provide a safe and supportive space for people to share their experiences, opinions, worries, concerns, interests, and ideas with each other.​

  • Partnership: We collaborate in a respectful and understanding manner, making space for one another’s opinions, education and lived experience. We work with each other and recognize the benefit of diverse perspectives to support individuals.


  • Diversity: We aim to include people from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, sexual identities, and abilities by providing them a space to be themselves.


  • Community: We aim to create an inclusive, diverse, fun, and safe support group for people to be able to share their interests and feelings.​

  • Individuality: We provide a community space where all people can be honest about who they are, trust in themselves and are confident in the validity of their experiences. Participants allow others to be their authentic selves and work together to support each other.

Our Supporters:

(Both Past & Present)


Bayside City Council's
Youth Services

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