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I'm Bell (short for Isabella) and I'm a young adult who is on a journey of self understanding and discovery.

I proudly and comfortably identify as a neurodivergent (autistic & ADHD) Greek (CALD) queer/asexual empath with binge eating disorder (BED), learning and psychosocial (permanent & ongoing anxiety & depression) disabilities. I've lived in the Bayside (southeast) area of Melbourne all my life and have experience with the diverse local culture, schools (public & private), and communities. 

My identity journey began I was diagnosed with autism in September 2020 (during the covid pandemic) and later with ADHD. By receiving a formal diagnosis, I was able to fully understand myself from a range of different perspectives and comprehend my past. I was also able to eventually gain access to Centrelink's Disability Support Pension and to the National Disability Insurance Scheme as a participant of the scheme.

Reflecting on this, I remember in primary school that I always struggled with both learning and socialising which only got worse with age. At the age of 12 it became clear that I was struggling with my mental health because of several problems I was dealing with at school with learning, at home (family violence) and with friends (bullying). After repetitive loss of friendships/being kicked out of friend groups, unstable mental health, online learning and toxic family, I finally had enough. This made me feel absolutely confused, destroyed and lonely so after talking to my psychologist, they briefly mentioned the potential of autism. I decided to find out more which is where my journey began but for me it all truly changed after my formal diagnosis due to prior feeling of imposter syndrome.


Presently, I passionately work and volunteer in the intersectional community fields of the youth, disability and mental health sectors where I focus on all three levels of advocacy. I do this by sharing my own lived experiences and stories and listening to community and individuals. I aim to empower and bring confidence to others to share their own experiences because I believe in the power of authentic storytelling. I know there is strength in our voices working as one to create change in our world to address accessibility, inclusion, diversity, equity and education.

My lived experiences include struggles with mental ill health, education/learning difficulties, bullying, family violence, period issues, ableism, exclusion, discrimination, self-love (fat phobia), misdiagnosis and more... 

Community Educating

Includes 1 or more of:

  • Public Speaking

  • Training Facilitation

  • Presentations

  • Workshops

  • Speaking on Panels

  • Q & A's


Inclusion Assistance 

Includes 1 or more of:

  • Access Evaluation 

  • Consultation

  • Co-design

  • Event Accessibility and Inclusion Training (online and/or in person)


Includes 1 or more of:

  • Collaborations

  • Short Writing Pieces

  • Photo and/or Video Modelling

  • Social Media Content

  • Podcasting

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